Have you ever heard of this name in cricket or other sporting events? Dead rubber is a common term you might hear about a cricket match.

A dead rubber is a match in a series where the outcome of the match does not affect the upcoming match in the series.

So this is the scenario, two teams are playing a match
The match will be official
The result of the match will not have any impact on the outcome of that series or tournament.
All the scores, wickets, and everything in the match will be recorded.

Example Dead Rubber

Usually, these kinds of matches come during the group stage of a series when all the best-performing teams have already moved to the next stage. Let's say an example of the t20 World Cup, and in the group stage, around 12 teams are participating. And out of this, only 4 teams will qualify for the semi-finals. Before the end of the final match in the series, there is a high probability that the semi-finalists may already qualify. So the last game in the series will be considered dead rubber.


The spectators usually watch these matches with much enjoyment as they already know the outcome will not make any impact, and players typically enjoy playing this match.

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